Statement from the Juror:

Congratulations to all of the artists who submitted for Around Oregon Annual. Thank you for your dedication to your practice and to saying what you need to say through your art. I commend each of you! With over 400 entries, I had the pleasure of seeing many deserving works, which made the selection process a challenge. Thank you for inspiring me and I encourage you to keep working and to keep submitting to shows.

Having spent my career looking at work, I am drawn to original thought and to work that makes me curious. This can be traditional subjects—landscape, portraiture, conceptual, documentary, etc.— explored in new ways. When I found myself revisiting certain pieces and getting curious as a viewer, I knew those were the works that needed to be in Around Oregon.

Engaged thought, technical quality, originality of idea, and a good sense of what the artist is saying is very important. The images in this show all have a quality that allows the viewer to engage in the work and to be part of the experience of looking.

Vulnerability is an aspect of work that I cherish deeply. Work isn’t meant to be perfect or even likable, in fact, work can be that place where we explore the cracks in our armor. The place where things fall apart and somehow magically come back to together through the alchemy of media and the artists hand.

These artists are generous with their subject and articulate what they need to say in ways that allow the viewer into their hearts and minds. I was moved by these pieces and it is my hope that the totality of this incredible show will move you too, on multiple levels.

I want to thank Hester Coucke and the Corvallis Art Center for inviting me to jury AROUND OREGON. It has been my honor and great pleasure to participate in the 2019 Around Oregon Exhibit.

Warmly yours,

Sandee McGee
Gallery Director & Artist
Umpqua Valley Arts Association

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