ARTFUL SOLAR ECLIPSE  in the Corrine Woodman Gallery
 August 1 until September 4, 2017.  

Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 12–5 pm, OPEN Sunday, August 20, 12-5 pm, Closed on August 21.

  • Conversation from the CWG : Wednesday, August 2, noon.

Never seen a full solar eclipse? This is the time to experience the Great North American Solar Eclipse in an artful way. On August 21, 2017 a full solar eclipse will be seen from Corvallis.  Solar eclipses have proven to be significant cultural, social, and spiritual events throughout human history.  The Arts Center dedicates a small and elegant exhibit in the Corrine Woodman Gallery celebrating the solar eclipse. Eclipses are natural, astronomical events, that can be scientifically explained, but they also inspire artistic expression.

Twelve regional and local artists of several generations show their work in Artful Solar Eclipse. The content of the artwork varies from explaining what an eclipse is, and literal depictions as well as more spiritual interpretations and even political commentary. The show contains a number of media as well, such as painting, photography, ceramics, glass, beadwork and small installation work.

Participating artists are Rebecca Arthur, Holly Campbell, Phil Coleman, Wadell Snyder, Samuel Hoffman, Elizabeth Burger, Joey Azul, Jess Graff, Joan Linse, Diane Comeau, Muriel Codon and Dava Behrens.

Dr. Randal L. Milstein, astronomer and fine art photographer and Walter Barkan, woodworker and The Arts Center Exhibition Committee & Board member selected the artwork.

List of Exhibitors and artwork in the show:

  • Joey Azul | The Great Eclipse of 2017
  • Rebecca Arthur | Eclipse
  • Dava Behrens | Deconstruct (of a construct)
  • Elizabeth Burger: Here it Comes
  • Holly Campbell: Syzygy
  • Phil Coleman: Setting the Sea on Fire
  • Diane Comeau: Totality
  • Muriel Condon: Placement Matte
  • Jess Graff: Eclipse
  • Samuel Hoffman: Deep Focus
  • Joan Linse: What is a Solar Eclipse?
  • Wadell Snyder | 8.21.2017 | 44° 33’ 53” N | 123° 15’ 38” W

Link here to see the art work