March 21, 2018 — April 21, 2018

March 21 – April 28, 2018

Oregon State University students share final projects from their Theatre Scenic Design course

  • Reception: Friday, March 23, 5:30 – 7:30
  • CAW: Thursday April 19, 4:00 – 8:00 PM
  • Brown Bag Art Talk: Thursday, April 5 noon

The Arts Center and the OSU Theatre Scenic Design Course present an exhibit on theater design. 

Theatre melds many art forms together to create a strong visual impact for the audience. It is a collaborative art form. The human element, the performer, both are elements of this multi-layered art form. The visual elements, including the performer, are supported and enhanced by the other elements that make up a complete theatrical event. All these layers of scenic, lighting, costume, sound, special effects design, contribute to the whole of the experience.

The Scenic Designer works as part of a team that coordinates their efforts to create the desired impact for the viewing audience. Without good writing, an engaging story does not exist, without good design the ability to draw the viewer into the world of the production can be void of feeling, engagement and focus. Without the stage scenery there is no environment for the actors to unfold the story within, no context for the audience to relate time and place. An environment created by the Scenic Designer may inform the audience as to the location and time period in which the event takes place, but far more than this primary requirement, the Scenic Designer helps to set the tone and style as well as helping the production director create a central image or metaphor that helps define the main theme(s) of the production.

Don Naggiar’s Scenic Design class, TA347, at OSU, will show their Stage models and associated research. Each student has chosen a play that creates visual challenges. The successful designs will contribute to the overall effect of the production. Other theatre arts projects will be on display as well to give the public a sense of what is required to mount a successful theatre production.

Naggiar and students will talk about the program and their own designs at the Brown Bag Art Talk on Thursday April 5 at noon. Bring your lunch and your curiosity!