Through The Arts Center, Sally teaches mail art, paper collage and assembly. Sally also teaches sewing and other making workshops. 

Sally is a mail art genre fan and maker. Mail Art, also known as postal or correspondence art, is based upon sending work through the USPS. Mail Art initially developed in the 1950s and 60s, but has since developed into a global movement. From making mailable ice cream sandwich cookies, unique postcards and delightful postal surprises, up to mailable slices of (fake) chocolate cake, mail art is something Sally enjoys on a regular basis. 


Sally notes that, “My first memory of making something from scratch was when I was 8. With gentle guidance, I sewed a Disney skirt using a sewing machine.  Later, I added folk art painting, basketry and other types of weaving while my family grew. Around 17 years ago I began to work with beautiful fused glass. The day-to-day excitement of creating new things is impossible for me to ignore! So, after all of these years I continue to weave and sew and paint, as the kilns fire.” 

The Art Center Connection:

Sally is a long-time member of The Arts Center Exhibition Committee and a 2016 Call and Response Exhibitor. Sally’s weaving has been included in the collection of the Portland Art Museum. 

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