Sabina Monn, aka Miss Swiss Bliss, is naturally energetic and loves to express herself through movement, dance and music, jointly creating a new interplay, choreography, or form based on the needs of those present. She provides a safe space in her classes for people to experience expressing themselves to music. She believes being socially creative is a great opportunity to practice self-love, self-compassion, courage, and empathy. Sabina enjoys giving the people a chance to use music and movement to depict and verbalize new experiences, and she perceives playing as a way of creatively learning.


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Sabina Monn studied music and movement education at a College of the Arts in Switzerland and taught a variety of subjects (to all ages: toddlers to adults) as music, rhythmics, dance/movement, drama, musical, choir, children’s orchestra, group percussion, piano, cello, voice and art. She taught at different schools, churches, community centres as well as private lessons. She specialises in combining improvisation and play.



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