PROJECT OBJECTIVE: The Arts Center seeks to identify an external consultant to team with an internal consultant and share responsibilities for planning, implementing, and evaluating a project to advance organizational systems to be equitable, diverse, and inclusive. The project is grant-funded and implemented in collaboration with The Arts Center executive director, board, and staff.

Organization’s Mission, Values, and Project Vision:  We foster creativity and engagement with the arts, to inspire personal growth and community well-being.

Core values for all of our work:

  • Connect art lovers, learners and creators through outstanding programs
  • Promote a sense of community, artistic support and inclusive cultural richness
  • Create and sustain dynamic partnerships and community support for the arts

This project will study and dismantle organizational systems created from a place of social power, privilege, and bias. A community visioning and learning process will embed an organizational context and culture truly just and welcoming to all people. Our belief in the power of the arts to advance shared values and actions that promote systemic change, inform project success expectancies.