The Red Tent is an evening of interfaith, inter-generational and multicultural wisdom, sharing and solidarity

Women of all ages are welcomed to come together in wholeness – fully, unapologetically, and lovingly. The Red Tent is a place where women are supported by women; it’s a space all women are welcomed to come as they are!

The Red Tent is a global movement of women’s circles that was inspired by the work of Anita Diamant that empowered modern women to gather around proverbial campfires and fan the flames of restoration to womanhood as a communal, supportive, and inter-generational experience. It is a place for women to simply BE.

The award-winning “Red Table Talks” series by Jada Pinkett Smith is influenced by this movement and its popularity speaks volumes about how deeply women heal in the presence of each other. The Red Tend is for women, by women, about women, and dissolves the political/ spiritual/ economic/ societal lines between us so we may meet each other as we powerfully are: as women.

If you feel the call to gather in sisterhood as women of all faiths, colors, generations (teens are also welcome to our circle!), sexual orientations, abilities and political affiliations… to simply connect and share in come-unity, this event was designed and created for you.
We would love to see you in circle.  See you at the Red Tent!

Facilitated by Jennifer Tehani Sarreal (
and Jen Hernandez

Schedule & Registration info:

  • Saturday, December 21, 2019
  • 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm (Potluck to follow!)
  • All ages (please note stories authentic and may be unsuitable for young children)

Registration is FREE, and donations are warmly appreciated.
Please register ahead of the event so that hosts can prepare for all attendees.

Register here

Attendees are asked to bring:
  1. An open heart and an open mind
  2. Any woman/women in your life who would like to join us (reminder: transgender women are fully welcomed in our circle!)
  3. Your whole self in red clothing OR any color that feels “warm” to you (there are no wrong colors for this, come as you feel comfortable)
  4. (Optional) A photo of any grandmothers, mentors, mothers, friends, aunts, or any women in our lives who are no longer with us that you wish to bring into the circle
  5. (Optional) A pillow, yoga mat or meditation cushion if you wish to join us on the floor (chair seating will be provided for those who require or choose it)
  6. (Optional) A healthy dish or libation to share, clearly labeled for dietary restrictions and allergies if not store bought.
*For more information on the Red Tent Movement, please visit this Huffington Post article about our worldwide circle of women.