Pat Berman makes clay sculpture and vessels using various hand building techniques.  Most of her work is figurative, often with a focus on the face, especially the nuances of gesture and expression.  Pat says:

The pieces are at once contemplative and whimsical, often with a psychological edge.  No surprise, as I also practice as a psychotherapist where I am enormously privileged to listen closely to personal stories, and observe subtle shifts in face and body. Faces have appeared in my artwork since I could hold a pencil, but the malleability of clay which responds to the slightest pressure means each character is unique, and the possibilities are endless.

The natural world is the other realm in which I love to dwell, and find beauty and mystery. Landscape forms, at times mingled with the human form, make up the other primary body of my work.

The brightly colored pieces are fired to cone 5 or 6 in my electric kiln.  The earth toned work is fired in several atmospheric kilns, with the effects of wood, ash, and soda creating warm and sometimes dramatic results.

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