“Paint to Live Improvised Cello Music” Fee per student: $40

Dates: NEW Dates: July 27-30

Time: NEW Times: 3-4 pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (instruction and working) Thursday (show and tell)

All Ages (younger children are welcome with adult supervision)

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Paint or draw to live, improvised cello music, receiving a soul-warming, magical atmosphere in a structured, meditative, calming environment. Focus and tune in with yourself, express your creativity in your art, and recharge your batteries, while letting yourself be inspired by the audible experience! Supply your own materials and set up your workspace for your project and we’ll meet online on Zoom for a connecting group experience.

Additional Notes:
We will be meeting and interacting online through zoom. Please make sure you have your workspace set up next to/in front of your computer, so you can hear the live music and see Sabina playing music as well and see the other participants making art while you are also visible (being filmed by your computer.)
If you have any questions, raise your arms visibly. We will verbally interact at the start and at the end, and perhaps a few times in between. I will mute all participants during certain intervals of music-making to minimize audible disruptions.

Prepare an empty paper or canvas, watercolors (or other paint/crayons/color pencils or such) as well as additional tools as a waterproof table cloth, cup of water, paper towel, pen, and eraser or whatever you might need.

You will let yourself be guided by the music and don’t yet need to know what you’ll be creating.
If you have additional questions, feel free to email me ahead of the start of the class: