September 4-8, 2018

  • Closing Ice Cream Social Saturday, September 8, 4-5 pm

Artists@Work gives insights into the creative process of four artists: Andy Myers and Chris Adams from Corvallis and Milla Oliveira and Julia Oldham from Eugene. It continues the active art making of this summer’s Arts Alive plaza events inside our main gallery.

The artists have only FIVE afternoons in which they can create an artwork — or a portion thereof. It is both an experiment and challenge. Each artist receives a roll of paper, and the instruction to make it happen. We are invited to see Artists@Work, literally while they are working. See how artwork grows and changes over the time span of a week.

Myers teaches at OSU and LBCC and is known for his large scale drawings. He largely works in black and white, with all kinds of mark making tools. He reuses parts of his drawings, and re-incorporates them in his wall installations. Myers specifically calls his works installation and not murals. They are site and time specific, ephemeral, inspired by the natural world around us, and of the past. Large scale appeals to him, he would ask “How much space do you give me on the wall?” and then make work that would filled the entire space.

Chris Adams has great command of shape and form in drawing, and of course his silkscreen prints and T-shirts! He is new to the larger scale, but familiar to storytelling. It will be interesting to see how he translates his current work into the unknown large scale.

Milla Oliveira’s work is colorful, abstract, with bold brushstrokes. The vibrant works are like an explosion of color. We’ll see how she develops her paintings, and if and how the work evolves. She graduated from OSU in 2017 in painting. 

Chernobyl Wolves – Julia Oldham

Julia Oldham works in contemporary media as video, performance and installation. She has created animated shorts as well. While in residence will be orking on a short animated piece about the wolves of Chernobyl, which will become part of a documentary called “Fallout Dogs” which features the various canidae that live in the exclusion zone surrounding the site of the 1986 Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster. I will hand-draw this animated segment using pen, paper and a light box, and display the animation frames so that visitors will be able to see the process.

We will see artists with very different approaches. There is no set schedule or method in how an artist develops his or her work.  Outcomes will be different too, but what they and other artists have in common that they have to start with a “blank page”, and then try and make a successful art work. It doesn’t always work, which is part of the excitement of this exhibit.