April 25–May 27, 2017
Corrine Woodman Gallery

In conjunction with Microbiomes: To See the Unseen exhibit in the Main Gallery, The Arts Center’s Young Artists program provided arts education outreach with youth, to create artwork for a partner exhibition. Students from four schools learned about microbiomes, and then  communicated what they had learned through making artwork.  “Microcosms,” is an exhibit of their resulting arts projects.

For this exhibit, teaching artists and students worked with microbiology graduate students. Students learned about the actual science of microbiology, and the area of research of each participating OSU graduate student. The artwork is based on reality, and interpreted by each student, becomes art. The combination of art and science is great for youth to explore; both rely on research, creativity and problem solving.  Art+science inform each other and reinforced what the students learned during the science research.

Students visit their work next to that of professional artists. There are similarities that connect them, and allow them to see where their imaginations can them with more practice.

  • Jessi Furlo worked with scientists Wei Wei and Stephanie Rosales in 3rd and 4th grade classes of Ms.Cindy Hall-Bogards at Blodgett Elementary School (Corvallis). 
  • Victoria Wells worked with scientists Wei Wei and Claire Howell in 3rd grade class of Ms.Espinoza, Ms. Arnst and Ms. Guerro-Gilliam at Lincoln Elementary School (Corvallis).   
  • Cheryl French worked with scientist Armando Rocco in Mr. Nazarian, Ms. Rider, Ms. Pantovich’s 5th grade class at Liberty Elementary School (Albany).
  • Ally Maser worked with scientists Scott Klasek and Jessica Buser in  Ms. Ashcraft’s 5th grade class at Central Linn Elementary School (Halsey).

Thanks to OSU Department of Microbiology and your research scientists. Thanks to these Teachers of these four schools for participating in the project. Thanks to the Oregon Arts Commission for their support of  these artists residencies, and arts & culture projects throughout the State of Oregon.

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