What: LGBTQ + Non-Binary: Neighbors and Allies, is a panel disussion that will address the many facets of being part of LGBTQ + Non-Binary communities. This discussion will be an opportunity for the public to listen, learn, and engage.

When:  Thursday, May 30, 6:30

Where: The Arts Center

Why: To create an opportunity for supportive conversations about gender identity and transitions, and to inform and educate the general public about the journeys of people in LGBTQ + Non-Binary communities.

FREE and open to the public

The Arts Center’s current exhibit, An Iris Stands Tall, work by Annette Sabater concerns the journey of a parent of a transgender child. The drawings and paintings in this body of work spark conversations and express experiences, doubt, fears, and reassurances. Art is not a luxury…it is a practice that changes people; that builds people; that strengthens our civic fabric.

The Arts Center realizes that the LBGTQ + Non-binary community is much larger and diverse than what An Iris Stands Tall addresses. Challenges not only affect the direct Trans community but also the communities of family and friends. The Arts Center has invited Steve Schultz and Stevie Beiswanger, of the Corvallis Advocate to moderate this panel discussion.

Panel Speakers

  • Annette Sabater (artist/parent)
  • Teddy Gerrish (Corvallis Transgender Support Group)
  • Micki Bachand (therapist)
  • Lorena Reynolds (sibling/laywer)
  • Rev. Amber Churchill (First Congregational Church)
  • Brandy Forston (509J Schoolboard)

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