TAC Makes: A Podcast

When you can’t make it to an event in person, TAC Makes: A Podcast is the perfect way to catch up on what’s happening at The Arts Center.

Artist talks, interviews, conversations and more!

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Caroline Feyling: Evolution of Practice

Caroline Feyling is a textile artist living in Oregon. She received her BFA in Fiber and Material Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2020. Following her graduation she completed 8 weeks of intensive study at Vävstuga Swedish Weaving School in Shelburne Falls, MA. Feyling creates functional Scandinavian style weavings that serve to bridge the gap between the contemporary and tradition, as well as the distance between heritage and daily life. When not in the studio, she enjoys researching Norwegian folk culture and rollerskating.

Sabra Comins: Evolution of Practice

Sabra Comins grew up at the end of a dirt road in Anchorage, Alaska. She spent much of her time immersed in nature, where she felt most at home. When her family moved to town and her longing to connect with people intensified, she discovered the safety of self-expression in art and writing. These early years have shaped Comins’ drive to find what connects people with each other and with the landscape. Comins is passionate about maintaining a sustainable studio practice, being in nature, and writing letters. She was in the Artist Accelerator Program at The Arts Center from 2019-2020.

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Steph Littlebird Headshot

Always Here (Littlebird)

Steph Littlebird speaks about the work she created for Always Here, an exhibition at The Arts Center showing contemporary Native experiences by responding to the past, present, and future of Native identities.

Always Here (Williams & Hudson)

December 9, 2022 – Matthew Earl Williams and Anthony Hudson speak about their work a the opening reception of The Arts Center’s December 2022 exhibition, Always Here.

Carla Rossi on the Cross