July 3 -28, 2018

  • Conversation from the Corrine Woodman Gallery, Thursday, July 12, 12 noon

The Corrine Woodman Gallery shows two artists making very different work. Lauren Ohlgren shows travel and “i-live-here” sketchbooks, more concerned with the process of creating that working toward a finished piece. Robin Silver shares her passion for collage on musical instruments, with both collage and music creating beauty.

Since moving to Corvallis many years ago, Lauren Ohlgren went from being primarily a fiber artist to developing a body of multimedia abstract work reminiscent of landscapes. She also created a community of artists with her nine year-long She-Project, a one-day, 2-hour chance to create and exhibit artwork from prompts beginning with, “She . . .”

It has always been important to Ohlgren to initiate connections with other artists. She has a long practice of teaching journaling art, and recently led the 365 Project:  making one small scale artwork (postcard size) once-a-day, for one year.  Presented with the opportunity to exhibit in the Corrine Woodman Gallery, she wanted to build on such experiences. Each sketch, as part of her daily artistic practice, creates a powerful statement that shows possibilities for articulating a train of thought through visual development.

Ohlgren made accordion sketchbooks to be filled with stories of where she lives, and where she travels. The process of recording, exercising her drawing muscles is an important part of what Ohlgren shares with us. As she states, these are “(My) take on new subjects that are outside my comfort zone…mainly, CROWDS and BUILDINGS! And it was challenging! Some days, the pen and I are in sync, gliding comfortably across the paper. Other days, well, not so much. But that is the whole point of on-location drawing. It’s real and raw.”  Ohlgren’s work inspires and urges to go out with paper, pencil and watercolor whether for travel or staycation!

Robin Silver’s collaged music instruments first appeared at Footwise, the Birkenstock Store window a few months ago.  If you missed that show you now have an opportunity to see more of Silver’s work.

Collage is a familiar art technique, derived from the French word coller, or “to glue”. Silver was drawn to collage for the way that bits and pieces of images are re-arranged and reassembled to create an entirely new work. Where Silver’s work is unique is her use of musical instruments as her surface. Silver’s artworks do not consist of the rectangular shape of a picture frame, but of a guitar, violin or cello. The shape of her base (no pun intended!) plays an important part in how the artwork presents itself and how we experience it. 

Why instruments? Silver answers, “it seemed an appealing and totally appropriate canvas to place striking shapes and colors on top of, lining the outsides and insides of objects that have also produced beauty.”  Some of the instruments use a wide array of imagery — some from specific artists — while others are purely thematic.