February 28- March 25, 2017

Laura Rodriguez (curated by Juliet de la Rosa) | Corrine Woodman Gallery I

  • Conversations from the Corrine | March 2 at noon.

Guest curator Juliet de la Rosa selected artwork by Laura Rodriguez as they both share a compassion for refugees. The exhibit is a political comment, supporting refugees around the world with mixed media paintings that include elements from Islamic architecture with collaged imagery from current events.

A visual love letter is an expression of Rodriguez’ compassion, hopes, and dreams, depicted through mixed media paintings. Her work involves collage, watercolor, and hand embroidery, combining embroidered elements taken from Islamic architecture with collaged imagery from current events. 

 As Rodriguez says: “In this day and age of Islamophobia fueled by propaganda, I wanted to not only acknowledge refugees, but refugees who largely practice the Islamic faith and show how amazing their culture is, while at the same time humanizing their experience.” While her hopes are worded as follows: “I believe that if we learn more about each other to gain a better understanding of one another, we will have less fear about other people’s beliefs and live in a more compassionate world.”


Artist Statement: 
Love Letters is an exhibition meant to humanize refugees by showing compassion toward them through a visual story. What started as a protest to change to a more democratic government system became a twisted nightmare to silence individual freedoms. Many lives are being destroyed each day, but are we so distracted or desensitized to stop and acknowledge how these people’s lives are actually affected? While Syria has been under siege for almost five years, this is an all too familiar story in many countries all over the globe. Therefore, it is my goal is to create a visual love letter to all refugees in order to illustrate my wish for them. I want to honor their sacrifice in striving for a better a life for their future as well as their strength to survive and find a new life where they feel safe and secure so they can grow their dreams and prosper.

Laura’s artistic pursuits continue to be her conduit for play, active meditation, and freedom. As a graduate with a Master of Science in Global Technology and Development, Laura is now working toward developing a visual story that informs and enriches the global and cultural conversation in which we actively participate each day. Traveling to places such as Greece, Turkey, Spain, and China serves as an inspiration to express a celebration of our differences, and more importantly our unity as a collective body of global citizens. Laura currently resides in Oregon. She received training from mentors at Arizona State University, the Art Student’s League in New York City, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art