Solo Exhibition – Kate Quamma

Where: Corrine Woodman Gallery at The Arts Center
When: June 4 – 29, 2019
Conversation form the CWG:  Thursday, June 6, 12 noon
Open Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, noon – 5 PM

Undergraduate student, Kate Quamma, received The Arts Centers’ Student Award at the 2018 Oregon State student exhibit. This award offers the opportunity to exhibit in the Corrine Woodman Gallery.

While starting as a graphic design major, Quamma became passionate about fine art. She will be graduating this summer and has been working on creating succinct bodies of work. As part of a generation that grew up with school shootings, she is showing work commenting on these events and how we address them. In her series, Targets, the outline of figures is drawn on NRA practice targets. Quamma says of them: “While drawing, I consider that these images shouldn’t feel normal, ever. [ ] Some will say nothing can be done. This work highlights that such a position is completely unacceptable”.

An equally meditative work is very personal: in making a series of ink drawings in an accordion book Quamma reconnected with friends while drawing their portraits. The required time and intimacy gave her the opportunity to spend time and share togetherness. According to Quamma, “When I open the entire accordion book to see the group of drawings, my arms stretch out as far as the can, allowing the expanse of friendship to be physically felt.”