With Jeff Hess and Erin Dengerink

December 22, 2016 – February 2, 2017

  • Brown Bag and Artist Talk | January 19, 2017 at noon
  • Artist Reception | Thursday, January 5, 2017, 4pm – 8pm
  • CAW | Thursday, January 19, 4-8 pm

Fleeting imagery and ephemeral materials are made long lasting.

Erin Dengerink and Jeff Hess are artists who both draw on science and technology to explore new dimensions of their work. Dengerink’s work transforms medical debris, often associated with illness, into talismans of joy and luck. Hess has invented a new artistic medium with water, what he refers to as “water sculpting” and “water painting.”

Erin Dengerink and Jeff Hess’s art will be displayed at The Arts Center from December 22 to February 2, 2017. Both artists draw on science and technology to explore new dimensions of their work.

Dengerink’s art spreads joy through the repurposing and combining of materials to make what he refers to as “talismans.” These talismans are meant to inspire strength and bring good luck.

Many of Dengerink’s talismans are created from the debris of medical treatments, like medicine vials and syringe fragments. These objects can conjure thoughts of illness, pain, and uncertainty. However, Dengerink transforms these objects into hopeful representations of healing, through combining the medical fragments with rocks, flowers, toys and other objects.

Dengerink explains the significance of these talismans:

“All the components of the work have been touched, used, loved, and worn; any clinical cleanness, and intimidating newness has been rubbed off. The artworks are as whimsical as they are weighty.”

Like Dengerink, Jeff Hess also explores science through his art. Intrigued by the possibilities of water-based media, Hess invented “water sculpting,” a process of pumping water and photographing it in midair. Hess introduces color to the falling water with lasers, dyes, and reflections.

Hess’s work is inspired by his interest in technology, engineering, and science. His art challenges others to consider the possibilities of approaching a project from a new perspective, or in Hess’s case, a new medium.

Dengerink is a seasoned artist, whose work has been displayed in Oregon, California, and Washington. To learn more about her work visit erindengerink.com. Hess is a Corvallis-based experimental artist. To learn more about his work, visit jeffhessart.com.

Contact at The Arts Center: Hester Coucke, The Arts Center Curator, hester@theartscenter.net (541) 754-1551.

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