2022 People’s Choice Award – Earl Newman, “Bee Kind”

Annual Jim and Ruth Howland Community OPEN!

February 15 – March 31, 2022

A community art event bringing all ages, all experience levels and a variety of media together in one amazing show!
Artist Talk, Thursday, March 3, 2022

Curator’s Tour of the OPEN

Youth Awards

Age 0-8

  • AWARD: Aleena Sun, “The Lady in the Mirror”
  • Albert Sun, “Starry Night of the North”
  • Zedro Ward, “Cardinal in the Snow”

Age 9-13

  • AWARD: Matthias Schuster, “Midnight Salmon”
  • Adele Aukerman, “Fuschias”

Age 14-19

  • AWARD: Lyle Gifford, “Rhino Map”
  • Meredith Whitman, “Daisy Chain”
  • Soren Figueroa, “Wire Flayer”

Category Awards


  • AWARD: Leslie Tejada, “Cosm#27: Fancies”
  • Jan Konzack, “Variants”
  • Laurence Taoman, “Whorl”


  • AWARD: Lyle Gifford, “Rhino Map”


  • AWARD: Marilyn Singh, “Moss and Crows”
  • Ludmila Schuster, “Fishing?”


  • AWARD: Gail Pelican, “Holiday Cheer All Year”
  • Rachel Kirby, “New Adventures”
  • Jennifer Smith, “Fallen Leaves”


  • AWARD: Mike Spikes, “The Sailor”
  • Jessica Billey, “Priority Muso”
  • William Schumway, “Emma”


  • AWARD: Sally Ishikawa, “Sally Basket”
  • Pamela Thompson, “Petals & Pearls”


  • AWARD: Mark Allison, “Driving in the Forest”
  • Rip Cronk, “Another Starry Night”
  • Jeri Le, “On the Horizon”
  • Danuta Muszynska, ” . . . Praying for Rain”


  • Juniper Ward, “Galaxy”

WILD CARD “Joyful Award”

  • Diane Widler Wenzel, “Self-Portrait, Thankful”


  • Jeff Gunn, Awarded Ginny Gibson’s, “Blue Elephant”

And the People’s Choice Award Goes to . . .

Earl Newman!

Dates To Remember
February 25 – March 31Exhibition dates of the Howland Community OPEN Exhibition
March 3, 12-1pmArt for Lunch Artist Talk
March 10, 6 pmReception & Awards
April 1 & 2, 12-5 pmPick up Artwork

Thanks also to long-time business sponsor Citizens Bank for their sponsorship support!

Thanks for sponsorship support from “The Lunch Bunch” for this annual celebration of community creativity.

Photo of six artist standing in front of artwork on an old barn

Special thanks to Jim and Ruth Howland for establishing a legacy fund in The Arts Center’s Endowment Fund for this special annual community arts exhibit.