December 4-26, 2020  | Corrine Woodman Gallery

Recent OSU art graduate Amy Gibson curates “How DO we heal?”, about our political divide,  and and Covid circumstances of separation and illness. She posed the question: “Art as exploration, instead of straight-forward answer or illustration.”

Curator Amy Gibson is a recent Oregon State art graduate and currently enrolled in a MFA program at PNCA in Portland. Being an artist and a curator is a second career for Gibson. Among other things she has been a family therapist experienced in listening. The choice of “How do we Heal?” is a natural progression of her particular type of engagement with people and creative expression. Her own words speak best for her intentions with this exhibit:

When Hester first asked me to curate a show in the CWG in 2020 she gave me the honor of letting me choose the month. This was early 2019, and Covid was not even a twinkle in anyone’s eye. We could all hug, touch, talk and be together. Nor did I imagine that I would find myself in MFA at that time. Like most of us, I was focused on the present, living through Trump, hoping it would just end soon. I chose November 2020 immediately, because the election and its aftermath would be momentous and something artists could help address. I framed the theme of the show as a question about how we heal, because after talking to many, it seemed that regardless of the outcome of the election, there would be much healing to do. Well here we are, an election won but not feeling final to very many, in the midst of a deadly pandemic, unable to be together. The question and the moment remain fraught. How DO we heal? This is a personal, a national and a global question. I wanted to leave the question open for each artist to address in a personal way since the question itself, much less any answers, points to so much now. Good questions are like that. Art as exploration, instead of straight-forward answer or illustration.”

Gibson invited Kelly Marshall, Jenny Wild, Stashia Cabral, Élan Gombart, Ahuva Zaslavasky, Laura Foster to join her in creating artworks for this show.

Recorded Interviews Amy conducted with participating artists.