Greenwood Spoon carving class

with Kiko Denzer, June 9 & June 16

This is a hands-on opportunity to learn the art of hand-carving a spoon from a branch. Spoons are a doorway into a large array of traditional wood-craft, from toys to bowls to chairs to houses. In this class, our only tools are a saw, hatchet, and two knives (you’ll need to bring one of them — all other tools will be provided). Material is local green wood, typically a branch from an alder tree. The result can be as delicate and beautiful as you can make it. Or simple and basic. Either way, all spoons begin as a “chip of wood” (which is also the root meaning of the word). 

Before mass-production made metal spoons cheap and common, whole villages devoted their labor to the production of wooden spoons. A wooden implement makes eating your morning cereal a uniquely beautiful (and quieter!) experience. Class size is limited, to allow for individual instruction. Each day is a stand-alone class that will cover all the basics, but participants are welcome to sign up for both days in order to practice and develop their technique and understanding. 

On the way to a spoon, we’ll also cover:

  • Properties of various woods
  • Effective grips and tool techniques
  • Basic 3-D design
  • Sharpening and maintenance
  • Treatment of finished spoons

Materials needed:

Students should come with their own straight bladed knife, preferably one with a comfortable handle (recommended are a Mora 106 carving knife, or a No. 8 Opinel folding knife; blades should be carbon steel, not stainless; both are widely available. The Opinel is a good all-around pocket knife; the Mora is a more specialized carving blade; but you can also just bring what you have. Also bring sharpening kit(s) if you have them.) 

Additional info:
A Beautiful Spoon, an exploration of creative process and design
The Value of a Spoon, an exploration of the craft economy.

Schedule & Registration info:

June 9, June 16* 
*Register for one date and/ or the other 
9:00 am- 5:00 pm (includes break time) 

Teens and Adults (15 years and older) 
12 – 15 years old welcome with parent and instructor permission
Liability Waiver

Registration fee: $75.00 per workshop
Register here

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