October 8-November 9, 2019

  • Conversation from the Corrine, Thursday, October 10, 12-1 pm
    • Speakers: Rinee Merritt, Deanna Peters, Laura Wingert and Joan Linse (or Kelly Ensor)

Members of the Fire and Light Glass Guild share their broad interests and techniques in the Corrine Woodman Gallery.

The show is in conjunction to The Emily Steele Collection show in the Main Gallery, September 28-November 2. While the one person show by Emily Steele shows a singular vision, the Fire and Light exhibit shows many diverse interests and techniques possible in glass.


Glass is sand (or silicon dioxide), melted into a liquid and then solidified again. When it is in its liquid state, glass can be manipulated in various ways. Several of these techniques are represented in the exhibit: working hot and cold, glass blowing, fusing, slumping, scrafitto, etching, working with frit (glass in powder form), working with a torch, stained glass, glass mosaic and combining glass with other materials. Each technique gives different possibilities and limitations.

Our region has a rich tradition and diverse “glass-community”. Many artists originally started in the stained glass technique known as Tiffany-style, then broadened their focus into kiln based techniques. Boyce Lundstrom, one of the early hot glass pioneers and Bullseye Glass founders, had early roots in Corvallis.

Participating artists are from Corvallis, Albany and Philomath:

Pam Bielenberg, Cindy Conder, Teresa Duncan, Kelly Ensor, Carol Houk, Kathy Kopczynski, Joan Linse, Rinee Merritt, Karel Murphy, Deanna Peters, Christel Sanders, Steve Terhune, Helena Van Nuys and Laura Wingert. With special thanks to Joan Linse for coordination the exhibit.

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