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List if sponsorship levels for the annual fundraiser

Sponsorship Opportunities

Gala and Programs Sponsors will receive recognition throughout the Embracing Brave Year, corresponding to your level of support.

Following two years of creative pivots and organization-wide transformation, we are deeply inspired by the brave people who found so many ways to sustain the arts through this time.

In this spirit, we are excited to share Embracing Brave as The Arts Center’s 2022 theme for program activities including our Art for the Heart Gala Benefit Fundraiser October 1. 

Embracing Brave is about overcoming obstacles, taking first steps, finding new passions, helping persist, and celebrating milestones. As we develop program opportunities on this theme we welcome your ideas and input.

Join us in inspiring more community creativity

through an Embracing Brave Gala and Program sponsorship

Please join us on this year-long journey. We can be stronger together:  while the arts help build resilience and well-being, we will help you meet your community support and connection goals through enhanced business visibility.

We are excited to build on a long-term relationship with arts in health champions Samaritan Health Services. A main gallery exhibition will share photos sharing the unique perspective of veterans of military service. The exhibit will be the backdrop for the Embracing Brave, Art For the Heart Gala 2022 and other activities leading up to it. As our most important fundraiser of the year, your partnership helps ensure a resounding success.

Sponsoring Embracing Brave will visibly reinforce your values and efforts all year long.

Read more about our upcoming year and connect your support to sustaining arts education, exhibitions open to the public 250 days a year, and professional development programs that benefit our entire community.

Every partnership is unique based on the relationship we create together.

We look forward to working with you to develop the details.

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