I have been pounding, bending and playing with sterling silver and fire for over 20 years. Creating affirmative adornment was the initial mission behind my work. It is delightful when a person comes across a piece of jewelry that I have made and finds a message that touches them. A treasure is discovered! I feel inspired to make artwork that gives people a message of strength, helps them to regain their center and trust in themselves. Time and time again I am blessed to hear incredible stories from customers who have been deeply touched by a simple adornment and have had great joy in giving this work as gifts to others. As the years have passed I’ve grown my work beyond the affirmation line and am in awe of the endless discoveries of what I can do with the combinations of sterling silver, 18k gold and exquisite gemstones.

I learned the basics of jewelry making from a dear friend. In her life she carried with her a great commitment to both excellence in craftsmanship and spreading love and light. My work carries on that spirit using my own creative expressions. I have returned to my native Oregon roots and have been selling my wares online, at little boutiques, in galleries around the country and at regional art festivals. When I step away from my studio, located in the rolling hills of Alpine Oregon I enjoy traveling to places near and far, connecting with friends and family, contributing energy at our local sharing garden and poking around exploring nature.

Take a moment to see how jewelry can speak to you.


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