Droop: Angelica Neileen


Pink liquid flows from an unknown,

upward source. Its only obstruction

a narrow white ledge. On meeting this obstacle,

the liquid spreads laterally into a rose-

tinted puddle, until it drips

over the edges, continuing.

Blue background: gradations, impression-

istic curves that recall ocean waves.

Encaustic: melted wax and pigment.

Something burned, something

pyroclastic. My friend gazed

at this piece and said, I feel like that today.

I looked again and understood:

to be viscous and sticky, with poorly defined

edges, constantly shifting boundaries.

To have trouble delineating self and not-

self. I flow and spread outward

and lose myself. What stands in my way,

I don’t get over. I engulf it and carry it with me.

Floating in a blue void of voices and textures.

The void feels like corduroy and petals.

Out of the panel, I burst into three

dimensions: a globe begging

for fingertips and new air.

I bubble and slowly solidify. My skin: all this

time, gold-flecked.