July 31 – August 18, 2018

  • Thursday, August 16, 4-8 pm – Conversations with artist during Corvallis Arts Walk

Diane Comeau fills the Corrine Woodman Gallery with beaded treasures, using three different beading techniques. Her work may be familiar as it was featured in last year’s Eclipse Show.

 “I’ve always been a detail-oriented person, and I have an appreciation for fine crafts which require extreme precision. African, Native American, and Mexican beadwork, as well as Italian micro-mosaics, serve as inspirations for my own work. One could spend a lifetime learning and perfecting various beadwork techniques. For me, it’s been a part-time hobby for around 30 years. One reason I enjoy this type of art so much is that it forces me to slow down and focus – it’s meditative.”

With bead embroidery Comeau stitches small beads to a fabric or felt backing. This gives her the opportunity to make two dimensional framed work with all kinds of intricate imagery. 

Using a technique that is a type of “weaving”, Comeau creates small boxes, made solely from beads and thread, without another support material. There is graceful engineering in such solid three-dimensional objects being made out such unlikely, tiny elements.

Comeau also works with “found objects”, which require glue, many beads, and her imagination, to turn thrift store finds into beaded sculptures. She feels that “the world of beads” offers unlimited options for textures and colors and she will never run out of ideas for things to make with beads.

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