What: Cascade Print Exchange XIV (14) Virtual Exhibition

When: May 2020

Due to The Arts Center’s gallery closure, this exhibit is exclusively online, displaying a virtual gallery of an international exhibit of small prints.

The Cascade Print Exchange XIV, originally scheduled for The Arts Center Corrine Woodman Gallery, is the 14th annual exchange of hand-pulled prints organized by Oregon State University under the leadership of professor Yuji Hiratsuka.
This annual print exchange invites printmakers from all over the world to participate. To be considered for the Cascade Print Exchange XIV, printmakers, both students, and professionals sent 15 prints of the same image for the exhibition. In return, these artists will receive 13 prints by other artists in the show.
OSU keeps 2 prints from each artist for their archives. This year 114 artists participated. Entries came from Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and Thailand as well as from the USA.
Print exchanges take advantage of the characteristic of printmaking being in multiples (hand-pulled original print) and share experience and joy through the postal service. It is an excellent learning tool that surveys the depth and diversity of contemporary printmaking and allows printmakers from all over the world to connect.
Below are prints of that range in style, subject matter, and technique. They are organized by the printing methods used. Intaglio is a technique of printmaking in which the image is incised into a surface and the incised line or sunken area holds the ink. Relief printing is a process consisting of cutting or etching a printing surface in such a way that all that remains of the original surface is the design to be printed. Screen printing involves pressing ink through a stenciled mesh screen to create a printed design.

Intaglio Prints

Relief Prints