15th Annual Youth Poetry (and Art) Celebration | Corrine Woodman Gallery

March 31-April 30, 2020

  • Call to Poets in Grades K-8 from Linn & Benton Counties
  • Deadline: Sunday, March 8, 2020
  • Youth Open Mic Poetry Reading, Thursday, April 30 @ 5:00 pm
  • Forma de poesía en español >>

In Celebration of April’s Poetry Month 2020, poets in Grades K-8, living in Linn and Benton County, are invited to participate in the 15th annual The Arts Center Youth Poetry Celebration. A reception and Open Mic Poetry Reading celebrates the poets and artists on Thursday, April 30, 5 pm. Each poet who comes to the Open Mic will receive a small cash award. This exhibition is generously supported by The Arts Center’s Literary Arts Fund. 

All poems submitted will be exhibited in the Corinne Woodman Gallery at The Arts Center. Poems are divided into three (3) categories:

  • Kindergarten-Grade 2
  • Grade 3-Grade 5
  • Grade 6-Grade 8


  • Poems can be handwritten or typed. 
  • Paper size may not exceed 8.5 x 11 inches. 
  • Poems illustrated with original art (NOT clip art) are encouraged but not required. The art and the poem must be on the same piece of paper. If the art is on a separate piece we may only hang the poem depending on space availability. 
  • Do not frame poems and artwork. 
  • Deadline for submitting poems and artwork is Sunday, March 8, 2020.
  • (There is a mail slot in the front door for last minute submissions.)

Award certificates for each category are selected by The Arts Center’s judges. While we encourage inclusion of art with poetry submissions, it is not required, and has no influence on poetry awards. An award certificate for artistic presentation will be assigned in each category. 

All poems must have the following information legibly written and attached to the back:

Click here for printable form the attach to work

  1. Name of poet: First and Last Name
  2. Title of Poem
  3. Address, City, State, Zip
  4. Phone # and Email

Awards will be announced at the Reception and Youth OPEN Mic, Thursday, April 30, 2020, 5 pm at The Arts Center, 700 SW Madison Avenue, Corvallis.

For more information contact Hester Coucke at The Arts Center, 541-754-1551, ext 658 or hester@theartscenter.net, 700 SW Madison Avenue, Corvallis.

April Poetry Month’s exhibit and event supported by Mary Van Denend, the Literary Arts Fund of The Arts Center’s Endowment Fund, and The Arts Center. To learn more about literary arts programs, and how you can support them, Contact Cynthia Spencer, 541-754-1551, Ext. 654.

2019 Youth Poetry Winners 

Last Name Title Grade Award
Tyger DeBolt Driftwood 8 1st Place + Art Award
Mirabelle Chen Night 2 1st Place English
Penelope Wiegand The Mushroom Wood 3 1st Place English
Morgan Koller El Taco Gato 1 1st Place Spanish
Aiden Reed Un Lapiz 4 1st Place Spanish
Leon Garcia Ugly 8 2nd Place
Mathilda Wiegand Fox Goes Out 1 2nd Place English
Alivia King Ice Cream Time 4 2nd Place English
Marlen Lopez Capas de la Tierra 1 2nd Place Spanish
Madilyn Baldwin Mi poem de quiero a ese muestra 4 2nd Place Spanish
Cara Morgen The Beast of Halloween 6 3rd Place
Mika Peltomaki Space 5 3rd Place English
Quinn Mann Poolday pre K 3rd Place English
Genesis Lopez-Dominguez Volcanes 1 1st Place Spanish
Amiya Lindsey Jardin 4 3rd Place Spanish
TC My Cat 1 Art Award
Adele Wolfe Rats 2 Art Award
Aiden Kirby Spring Turtles 3 Art Award
Emma Terry Dragon Dragon 3 Art Award
Grace Koller Sky 4 Art Award
Silas Hackthorn Mi Perro! 4 Art Award
Ellen Dayvance Gentle Row 5 Art Award
Thomas Adams Snow 6 Art Award
Louk Maser Red pre K Art Award
Alan Romero Blue pre K Art Award
Daisy Adams Flowers 1 Honorable Mention E
Corrina Kiebler-Windham Red Pandas 2 Honorable Mention E
Adele Aukerman Snow Day 2 Honorable Mention E
Eva Hall Silly is Yellow 4 Honorable Mention E
Corbin Roderswel Sadnis 4 Honorable Mention E
Derek Henriquez Angry is Red 4 Honorable Mention E
Lexi Swanson Calm is Blue 4 Honorable Mention E
Natalee Stevens Wild 5 Honorable Mention E
Dawson Narenda Spring 5 Honorable Mention E
SG George K Honorable Mention E
Ennie Jiang Happy Lantern Festival K Honorable Mention E
Renezmae Monterastelli Pink pre K Honorable Mention E
Liam Varner Untitled pre K Honorable Mention E
Nestor Zavala Black pre K Honorable Mention E
Rylan Rowen Dinosaurs pre K Honorable Mention E
Adrienne Shields La Tierra 1 Honorable Mention S
Selma Janske Las Koalas 1 Honorable Mention S
Gia Baum La Tierra 1 Honorable Mention S
Eli Riley-Stevens El Koala Oscura 1 Honorable Mention S
Avery Bly La Tierra 1 Honorable Mention S
Bea Ryan Gatos 1 Honorable Mention S
Odin Compton Lola 4 Honorable Mention S
Lucas Clemens Gatos 4 Honorable Mention S
Emmett Peetz Vader 4 Honorable Mention S
Jaquin Diaz-Andrade Diamante 4 Honorable Mention S
Arabella Bribiccaspann Ama e ese gatiti 4 Honorable Mention S
Elena Adams Ama 4 Honorable Mention S
Carmen Juarez La Playa 4 Honorable Mention S