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Application deadline: April 17, 2021

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About the Art in Oregon Residency Program

In collaboration with the Stevens-Crawford Heritage House, Art in Oregon has developed a unique Artist Residency Program open to all Oregon artists who have lived in Oregon for at least one year prior to submitting an application to this program. Selected artists are granted one month in a private 11’x9’ studio room on the second floor in the Stevens-Crawford Heritage House. The studio is located in the historic McLoughlin neighborhood in Oregon City, near the public library and community center. The studio is available to the resident artist 24 hours a day and includes access to a kitchenette, a bathroom (no shower), and a large yard, among other amenities. Artists are not permitted to live in the house during the residency. Only one artist will be onsite per month, making it an ideal experience for artists seeking a quiet and historically rich space in which to explore the concepts and challenges within their work. Pending COVID-19 restrictions, artists will conclude their residency with a public group exhibition at the Museum of the Oregon Territory in Oregon City. The tentative exhibition date is October 2021. Additional exhibit opportunities for the residency artworks may become available as the residency progresses.

The studio is located in what would have been a bedroom in the museum house that must be kept clean and dry. The studio will be equipped with a floor covering, a small table and chair, and a medium size painting easel. Artists will need to bring additional materials and equipment necessary to create their work. This residency is ideal for 2D artists working in drawing, painting, fiber/textiles, photography, video, and other processes that don’t require large spaces, or special equipment. Artists can arrange to move into the studio on their first, or soon after by appointment.

Applicants are not required to create artwork about the Stevens-Crawford House, Oregon City, or the history of the area. Artists will be chosen based on the strength of their proposed residency project, the quality of their work, and how their art practice will be enhanced by the residency experience. Artists are not required to complete artworks during the residency period.

There is no tuition/fees to the artist for participating in this residency! Instead, artists are granted one $300-$500 (TBD funding) stipend and are asked to volunteer for 20 hours at the Stevens-Crawford Heritage House before or during their month-long residency. There are many volunteer positions to choose from, and a list of positions is available upon request.

Applications are welcomed from all artists regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, class, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, health or other status. Art in Oregon is dedicated to eliminating economic and social barriers that hold back artist’s and hinder art patronage. We work to build community connections that welcome and value all voices. We seek to expand common notions of what constitutes artistry and creativity. Art is a form of communication; all people must be allowed to speak and be heard in their own voice.

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