Call to Middle School Youth Artists

Deadline: April 15, 2022

Please create a poster that illustrates one of the below concepts, or develop your own positive prevention message.

You do not have to use these exact words. The concepts below are just some ideas.
• Gambling and gaming can be a risky activity. Check out to learn more.
• You can prevent problem gambling and problem gaming. Learn more by visiting
• Anyone with a gambling problem can get free help! Contact
• Gambling problems can happen to anyone. Help is available.
• Create balance in your life. Gambling or gaming shouldn’t interfere with time spent with family and friends.
• People who gamble should set and stick to a time and money limit.
• Did you know that gambling can become a problem? To learn more visit
• Lying about gambling and/or betting more than intended are warning signs of problem gambling. Visit
• People can recover from gambling problems. Help is available!
• The person struggling with a gambling problem is not the only one affected. Help is available!

Artwork Presentation
Artwork should be on letter-size 8½-by-11 white paper. Please do not have the artwork show a winning hand or a winning combination of symbols. That can cause problems for some people who struggle with problem gambling. If you use a computer to create what you submit, you must draw the artwork by hand (no clip art, etc.).

• $50 gift certificate for the entry picked as the cover of the calendar.
• $25 gift certificate for each entry picked for use in the calendar or digital resources.

For form and more info, click here!

For more info on Problem Gambling/Gaming,