New For 2021Online signup and assigned drop off days

WHO:  Residents of Linn or Benton County, all ages and accomplishments

WHEN:  Sign up: January 10 – February 10.  Exhibit dates: Feb 25 – April 17, 2021

WHY:  A longstanding celebration of art and community adjust to the Covid era, with masks , distance and patience.


The Drop Off day for the Howland OPEN Community exhibition at The Arts Center has always been filled with anticipation, having a festive crowd at The Arts Center with artists from all levels coming together. It is something we cannot do during the Covid restrictions. But give up on the Howland Community OPEN? Never!

NEW! ONLINE SIGNUP: The Arts Center has devised a way to make the Community OPEN happen, by making sign up online the preferred method and by expanding the drop off time to four afternoons instead of just one Saturday. The week of Feb 16 – 19 is set aside for safely masked and distanced dropping off of work. Because participants signed up online, there is no need to linger in the Gallery or handle pens and paper and distance will be easily maintained. 

NEW AND OLD AWARD CATEGORIES: To make and keep things exciting we conceived a whole new set of award opportunities. The Arts Center’s Exhibition Committee will install and award the exhibit by subject, following a series of 8 subject groups or categories. The artist can select only one category. There will be examples that could fit in more than one [category], but the artist will have to pick what they think is best. For instance: a dragon could be in “Animals”, but also in “Fantasy”; a mermaid could be in “Fantasy”, but also in “People”. (Ask the Little Mermaid where she would want to be!) For the different categories see below and our sign up form.

NEW CATEGORIES: The “Howland” will be installed by category, with youth age groups mixed in.

  1.  PEOPLE: (self)-portraits, full figure, busts, headshots, masks.
  2.  FLORA: plants, trees, flowers.
  3.  FAUNA: animals wild or domestic, (i.e. foxes, chickens, tigers or cats, birds or dragons. (the curator has an octopus phobia, please be kind).
  4.  FANTASY/IMAGINARY: A scene or object with narrative content that doesn’t exist in reality.(ie. fairies, dream scenes, inventions, dragons).
  5.  SCAPES: landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, still-lifes, clouds, or outer space. 
  6.  ABSTRACT: non-representational compositions of shape, color, pattern, & mood either 2 or 3 dimensional.
  7.  CONCEPTUAL: depicted idea of the image is more important than strictly the “picture”, (i.e. philosophical, political, social observation)
  8.  FUNCTIONAL: things that can be used other than an artwork, (i.e. functional pottery, bowls, clothing, hats, jewelry, lamps or clocks).

We are keeping the Youth Age Awards for artists from 0 – 19 in three groups. They have the benefit of being able to be in an age group AND in one of the subject categories. The Exhibition Committee selects the awards for Youth and Subject Categories.

And of course we keep the People’s Choice Award, where the winners’ work is placed on The Arts Center’s postcard of the following year’s OPEN. Public voting will be in person, Feb 25 – March 20, 2021.

The third one we keep is the Curator’s Pick, where The Arts Center’s Curator selects one work that “speaks” most to her.

NEW MEMBERSHIP PERKS!  The Arts Center does want to acknowledge and honor its members for their support. To create a special benefit for our art making membership,  all participating members will be included in a raffle to receive an opportunity to exhibit! This exhibit will be in the Corrine Woodman Gallery, December 2, 2021– January 8, 2022.  The lucky Artist Member will choose the exhibit, which may be your own work, family or friends, an artist they admire, an installation–it’s YOUR show!  

Members will also receive special recognition on the exhibit tag next to their artwork.  Not a member?  Join and/or Renew Today! >>

GUIDELINES: Howland Community OPEN 2021 – Please review before completing

Sign Up Form >>

Who & What: Residents of Linn or Benton County are eligible to bring in one original artwork made by themselves.  (Deliveries of kids, neighbor, friends artwork permitted, and encouraged).  Artwork must be original, not a reproduction, or from a kit, but created by the artist. We DON’T accept giclee prints or other reproductions from an original artwork (even from your own). Work should not have been previously shown at The Arts Center.

Size/weight:  Maximum size is 72 inches (height plus width of the work, for 2D; 3D max 20 Lbs)

Media:  All media and most subject matter are welcomed. The Arts Center staff reserves the right of refusal for work that is not compatible to our family-friendly setting.

Presentation Requirements:  Two-dimensional artworks must be ready to hang/install; wires on the back are preferred. We encourage artwork to be thoughtfully finished and presented, though professional framing is not required. Work must be dry for its own safety.

For Sale or NFS:  The work can be for sale with a price set by the artist. You can choose to receive 50% commission or donate the full sales price to The Arts Center.  Or, work can be Not For Sale (NFS). If NFS, we require a $ Value for insurance purposes. 

Drop-off WEEK:  Tuesday, February 16 – Friday, Feb 19, 12 -5 pm ONLY. We will notify you via email of your assigned drop off day.  

Pick up DAYS:  Monday, April 19-22, 12-5 pm.  Three days have been designated for pickup on a day of your choosing.  Work not picked up after April 23 will be considered a donation to The Arts Center and included in the Pre-Owned Art Sale, April 24-30, 2021. 


Jan 10 – Feb 10

Sign Up Here >

Feb 16 – 19 Noon –5 PM Drop Off: Assigned delivery.  You will receive an email notification when to drop off.
Feb 25 – April 17 Exhibition dates of the Howland Community OPEN Exhibition
March 11 Noon Lunch@Home, Zoom or Live Artists Talk.  Artists TBA
April 1 Award presentation(s) via Zoom
April 19 – 21 Noon – 5 PM Pick up with  masks, distance & patience
April 22 Gallery walls will be painted. Art must be picked up!
April 24 – 30 Noon – 5 PM Pre-Owned Art Sale


(Pictured:  “A View of Rome” by Judith Sander, 2020 People’s Choice Winner)