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Deadline for Applications: April 17, 2022

A Note from Imagine Gresham!

Hello Artists and Creators!

Just wanted to send you a reminder that THIS week on Friday, January 14, the 2022 Gresham Arts Festival Application will be live. This year we will be celebrating year 20 of the Gresham Arts Festival on Saturday, July 16 this summer. Due to the tremendous feedback from both artists and attendees, the festival will remain at the Gresham Arts Plaza with just a few minor tweaks. Please visit to find the application and apply beginning Friday.

 Below is a snapshot of the timeline of events that will be important for all applicants:

Important dates

  • January 14: Applications are live
  • Sunday, April 17: Final application deadline
  • Friday, April 29: Artists will receive invites to participate in the Arts Festival.
  • Friday, May 20: Artist booth payments are due.
  • Monday, May 23: Waitlist artists will be notified of open spaces.
  • Mid-June: Artist map will be released.
  • Saturday, July 16: The 20th annual Gresham Arts Festival

I also want to address some frequently asked questions:

  1. Can the City let artists know before April 29 if they are in the show?
    1. No. I will be sending out invites on Friday, April 29.
  2. Can I reserve my spot I had last year?
    1. No. This is a juried event, so no artist is guaranteed to be in the festival each year. Once artists are juried in I work really hard to accommodate needs based on lighting, sun exposure, etc., but I also create the event map for best flow of event for the guests as well.
  3. What is the booth fee?
    1. Booth fees are $125 per 10 X 10 booth space. Juried in artists may reserve 1-2 10X10 spaces.

                        i.      Are there exceptions to this fee?

  1. Yes. We will have a “Rising Artist” category this year for artists under 18 that want to showcase their work. We also have free spots available and awarded by our Arts Festival jury.
  2. The application requires 4 photos, one being a booth photo. What if I don’t have a booth photo?
    1. IF you do NOT have a booth photo, please just add an additional photo of your work, and describe your plan for your booth in the comment box on the application. It is important for the jury to know how many pieces of work you plan to display. (For example: if you have 4 portraits for the festival, the jury may suggest you try again in the future when you have a larger inventory to share.)
  3. Are 10 X 10 canopies mandatory?
    1. Yes. Mid-July can be a very warm time during our Oregon summers. They are mandatory for the health and well-being of the artists, but also to protect your art.

                        i.      Please note: Stakes and weights for your canopies are mandatory. When you complete the application, you agree to all the Fire Marshall standards… which means having a safe, weighted down and flame-retardant canopy.

  1. Do I need to complete my own fire permit?
    1. No. All artists that are juried into the event will be emailed all the event details—including the note that I handle all permits as the event planner for the festival.
  2. Can I sell multiple mediums in my space?
    1. Yes and no.

                          i.      Yes, if you submit an application PER MEDIUM you wish to showcase. The jury will have to jury in each medium. You will also be subject to a fee per medium in your 10 X 10 space.

                        ii.      No, if you are only awarded space for one medium, you can only showcase that one medium. For an example: If you are juried in as a painter and you request to also sell your sculptures, you will be told no. One medium per tent, unless you are juried in with multiple mediums and pay the necessary fees.

  1. Can I share a booth space with another artist?
    1. Yes and no.

                           i.      Yes, if you are both juried in, and you both pay a $125 fee for your business being at the event, you can share a space.

                          ii.      No, if you want to add your artist friend to your booth space to fill your space. All artists must be juried in and pay the booth fees necessary for their space.

  1. How many artists will be accepted?
    1. I am not positive on this number currently (January 11, 2022). What I can share is that in the past 3 months I have had nearly 100 new artists reach out wanting to be at the event. This will be a very competitive jury process this year, and like every year we will have a waitlist for artists. This year the jury will select 5-10 artists per medium to be on the waitlist that I will pull from first.
  2. But I have been an artist for years? Am I not guaranteed a space?
    1. No. Like every year, this is a juried event and the Arts Festival jury will award a certain number of spaces per medium.
  3. What are other ways I can get involved in the community as an artist?
    1. Judy Han, founder of the Gresham Arts Festival, has a local non-profit: Gresham Outdoor Public Art. Her team is always looking to add artists to their list to work with on public art projects like sculpture, paintings, mural painting….etc. Learn more about Gresham Outdoor Public Art and connect with Judy and her team today!
  4. I love Gresham and I want to get more involved in the community and share ideas, suggestions and feedback for the future of this thriving City. How can I do that?
    1. Stellar question! Right now we want you to Image Gresham with us. You can share your ideas and feedback on our online vision board or attend one of our upcoming community visioning events. Learn more and Imagine Gresham with us today!

For any questions, please email Thank you all so much—can’t wait for year 20!

Sasha Konell

Community Engagement | Community Events Specialist


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