Call for Work: Enshrine (part of Art’s Alive! online festival hosted by The Arts Center)

Deadline: Accepted through Aug. 15, 2020

Description: To enshrine is to designate as sacred, loved, respected, and worthy of remembrance. Enshrine is a call for artwork that makes visible the personally sacred. This project is a chance to express reverence for what is meaningful to you through art and share it with your community.

The Work: Create a “shrine” that is a collection of several objects or images that together conveys reverence for a person or idea. Shrines usually contain multiple images because the subject ofthe shrine is complex and cannot be understood with one image alone. Submissions may take the form of a photograph of a physical shrine, a photograph or scan of a collage or painting, or a computer-generated image.

Venue: All submissions will be accessible for viewing through The Arts Center’s website. This is an open exhibition, there will be no jury process and all work will be exhibited (The Arts Center keeps that privilege of not posting work that is derogatory to any person or group, let’s keep this positive!)


  • Digital Image: As stated above, the work can be a photograph or scan of a 2D or 3D work, or a computer-generated image. Please make your image as clear as possible. Small 2D work can be scanned. Photographs of larger 2D work and 3D work must be well lit. Please crop out backgrounds that are not part of the art. The organizer retains the right to crop or alter the image for the best result. The higher the resolution and larger the size, the better.
  • Artwork Info: Please include:
    • Your name
    • Title of artwork
    • Media and/or technique used (for example: Acrylic on Canvas, or Rocks, Wood, and Fabric)
    • Optional: Write a short explanation for your shrine. Please keep this below 100 words.

Submitting the Work: Email your digital image along with artwork info to: by 11:59 pm on August 15, 2020.