Deadline: Sunday, June 25, 2017 (or earlier). The Solar Eclipse exhibit will run from August 1 – Sept 2, 2017.

Never seen a full solar eclipse? This is the moment to start thinking about it. On August 21, 2017 a full solar eclipse will be on/over/in Corvallis. Solar activities are a source of historical and cultural significance.  Some people travel the world over to view these events. Our area is predicted to receive over 400,000 visitors the week of August 21.

The Arts Center has reserved August in the Corrine Woodman Gallery for an exhibition about this most auspicious occasion. 

The work can be about

  • prior eclipses, as documentation with artistic merit
  • mapping of a solar eclipse, scientifically inspired with artistic merit
  • immediate effect on the surroundings
  • personal experience
  • imagined impression
  • emotional impact
  • historical impressions of eclipses
  • spiritual interpretations of solar eclipses
  • not limited to these suggestions!

The Call is open to individual artists of all ages; we encourage elementary and high school students to participate. All visual art media will be considered, including performance during/ just before or after the eclipse itself. Jurors will look for work of imagination; work that engages visitors. The selection committee will also consider the appropriateness/suitability for available spaces.  

We welcome work from artists of all races, ethnicity, faiths, countries of origin, sexual orientations.

Dr. Randal L Milstein, astronomer and fine art photographer, one of the Exhibition Committee members (TBA) and curator Hester Coucke will select the artwork.

Artful Solar Eclipse exhibit will take place in the Corrine Woodman Gallery I (in the focus area adjacent to the ArtShop). Due to the limited space, we ask for smaller size works of up to approximately 15” x 15” or an equivalent of that (the sum height and length should total no more than 30”). This gallery can accommodate small 3-dimensional works as well so please apply if your work fits these perimeters.

Terms / conditions

  • Work will be selected from digital images (a snap shot is fine for this exhibit submission).
  • Artists can submit 2 images representing one or two works; only one work will be selected.
  • Due to the intimate nature of the gallery we encourage smaller works.
  • The Arts Center receives a 50% commission on sold artwork.
  • Selections cannot be substituted with other not reviewed work.

How to submit:

Please complete the form attached at the end of the web post.

  • Complete the online form
  • Label images clearly with (sample : 1_JD_Sunset)
  • 2 MB maximum
  • JPGs only
  • Submit 2 images representing one or two works.
  • Supply name and contact information
  • Please do not use Adobe, Photoshop, or any other formatting program for images, do not embed your name into the image.
  • Notifications will be sent electronically
  • Ask for a confirmation email from


  • June 25, 2017         Submit application
  • July 8                        Artists notified

Questions or comments send to:
Subject line: Artful Solar Eclipse Submission 2017
541-754-1551, ext 658