2020-2021 Artists in Residence

The Artist Accelerator Program, now in its third year, brought together six emerging artists in residence in a 16-week supportive and interdisciplinary professional development program.

These artists gained business skills and professional confidence through critiques, development lectures and coaching.

Their time culminated in a group exhibition in the Corrine Woodman Galleries showcasing their completed projects, February 11 – March 27, 2021.

Artist in Residence Interviews

Artist in Residence Progress Videos

Meet the New Resident Artists

Jill Myer | Painter

Jill Myer is a visual artist whose work explores natural landscapes through the use of mediums such as plant matter, wool, bees wax and watercolor pigment. Myer works with watercolors for their simple but beautiful layers and subdued color palette, but also dives into bright full textured and tactile encaustic paintings. Myer grew up in Montana and received a Bachelors of Fine Art from the University of Montana in 2000 with an emphasis in painting and photography. After living in Alaska for many years, Myer now lives in Newport, OR with her husband and their dog, Simon. Jill’s Instagram

Citlalmina Xochitl Rios | Photographer and Poet

Citlalmina Xochitl Rios is an Indigenous photographer and poet. Rios is a Marine Corps Veteran from the San Gorgonio Pass and San Bernardino areas of California. She pulls her focus from what she knows as a veteran, a mother, and from the socioeconomic and cultural experiences of her youth. In 2019 and 2020, she was part of University of Oregon’s World Poetry Night and a poem of hers is being published in the upcoming edition of The Sand Canyon Review. In 2021, she will attend the College of Creative Studies in Detroit where she will focus on photography. Citlalmina’s Instagram

Cora Freyer | Painter

Born in Dusseldorf, Germany, Cora Freyer has been a professional artist since 2005. She holds a B.F.A from the Art Institute of Chicago and studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Freyer exhibited at Museum Kunstpalast, Duesseldorf and presently her paintings are at the Austin City Hall, TX. Freyer’s focus lays on painting, drawing, and digital-image-alterations. She uses a variety of media including, oil and water-based paint, ballpoint pen, and chalk/charcoal. Freyer’s figurative work centers around the depiction of the female and her roles in society while her landscapes investigate the combination of abstracted elements with realism. Cora’s Instagram

Eileen Hinckle | Painter

Eileen Hinckle has been working as a mural artist since 2012. She grew up in the Willamette Valley and is currently based out of Corvallis, Oregon. Her painting style is influenced by the seven years she spent living in South America where she learned from and participated in diverse communities of muralism and street art. Hinckle draws inspiration from her time spent exploring the forests and especially the jungle in South America. Her artwork is a visual exploration of the reconnection between humans and nature. In addition to murals, she makes paintings on canvas and mixed-media artwork. Eileen’s Instagram

Jess Felix | Ceramicist

Jess Felix earned her BFA in Sculpture in 2004 from Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia. Exploring clay as a modelling material in school opened her to the world of experimentation and love for ceramics. She has exhibited in urban galleries in and around Melbourne, Australia and in various group shows in the United States. Felix’s current series of Ceramic sculptures pays tribute to women climate activists/scientists which emphasize a message of interconnectedness and urgency. She also makes functional handbuilt pottery that incorporates her drawn designs, carved textures and added appendages which lend her pieces a fun and tangible dialogue. Felix teaches visual art and clay classes for kids and teens locally in and around Corvallis, OR. Jess’ Instagram

Caitlin Rose | Dance & Choreography

Caitlin Rose is dance instructor and choreographer who creates dance for the stage, film, and site specific works. Rose began her technical dance training at the age of seven and started choreographing at the age of sixteen for small recitals and plays. In 2018, she received her bachelors of science in dance from Western Oregon University after receiving three awards in academic excellence for choreography and research in dance history. For her artist residency, Rose is choreographing and directing a short dance film in the contemporary dance medium about religious trauma. Caitlin’s Instagram

For more information on the Artists in Residence Program, contact Claire Elam

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