Madelaine Coffman is a songwriter, singer, and musician who is currently researching songwriting as a tool in education and healthcare as a graduate student at Oregon State University. 

After training as an opera singer and performing artist at Mannes College of Music, HB Studios, Portland Actors Conservatory, and Portland State University, Madelaine pursued her interest in telling new stories through music by founding Heretic Opera and co-writing an original opera, Valentine, with composer Kenneth Froelich.  She produced and co-directed Valentine as an old-time radio play complete with character voices, sound effects, and ambient sound design, collaborating with Portland-area arts educators and emerging and student opera singers. 

Madelaine was also a founding Steering Committee member of Portland Emerging Arts Leaders, where she developed programming to support the careers of the next generation of arts professionals.


Believing that arts have an “every day” role to play in communities, Madelaine spent the 2016-2017 school year as an arts educator at the Albany Boys & Girls Club Teen Center.  Her experiences there shaped her thinking about how art is a natural part of our lives, and can be a powerful tool for exploring our world and our place within it. 

Since returning to higher education to develop a new curriculum for teaching songwriting, Madelaine has worked with The Spring Creek Project and The Arts Center to plan and instruct the Crooked Tail Science and Songwriting Camp

She has also designed a research project to study the impact of songwriting workshops as a support for people with chronic illness and hidden disabilities.  The Good Samaritan Foundation recently awarded full funding to her pilot study on teaching songwriting to people with Celiac Disease.

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