Kiko grew up with an artist mom who taught him to make bread, dinner, clothing, sculpture, drawing, painting, and more; she also nurtured his early interests in ceramics and photography. Kiko started carving stone at 10 years old and went to Italy at 17 to carve marble. After college, he worked in urban affairs, housing and community development, construction, writing, editing, and publishing. Kiko also set up Hand Print Press under which imprint he has written and published several books. Twice, Kiko had the honor of designing and building large public installations for DaVinci Days. Kiko and his family recently moved from the country to an acre in town where they are engaged in building soil, a new house and garden, and related structures — including a new woodworking business.

Teaching/ Workshops:

Kiko teaches wood carving in the community, including classes at The Arts Center.

In the 1990’s, with Ianto Evans, he started taking earthen materials into schools and community settings where he would work with students and community members to make wood-fired community ovens, murals, and outdoor sculpture/furniture.

About ten years ago, short on shop space, he started working with a crooked knife to carve spoons and bowls from greenwood.

Kiko has been involved with the primitive skills community, all of whom teach that all skills require art, whether the primary skills of fire-making, tracking, tool-making, hunting, building, cooking, and medicine — or secondary skills like storytelling and the related arts of painting, sculpture, dance, music.

Art, by definition, grows out of community (our word “art” comes from a proto-indo-European root, “ar,” meaning “to fit together,” which also gives us the words “harmony,” “order,” “ratio,” “reason,” “articulate,” “ordain,” etc.)

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