Digital Photography and Digital Art taught in a series format for learning beginner, intermediate and advanced mobile photography skills. 


Photography is meditation, expression and revelation. I pause to observe details in the greater world and photograph them, and I work to create the same feeling of “pause” in my photography-based art. The type of “pause” can be meditative or surprised; curious or joyful. I seek anything that stops thought for a moment, allowing the world to be perceived in a different way.

Over time, I have moved along the spectrum from literal and representational toward abstract, taking photographic elements out of context and recombining them to create an altered reality. I especially like to explore the contrast of geometric lines with organic shapes and forms. This unexpected combination speaks to two primary aspects of my personality, artist and engineer, coming together harmoniously. I create this work using an iPhone camera and apps, and enjoy the exploration of possibilities as each piece unfolds.

My artwork is conceived, created, printed and framed by my hand. I believe that presentation—bringing photographs into the tangible world—is an important part of the photographic process; one that has become rare in the era of increasing digital screens. I seek to enhance the “pause” I’ve created in the image in the final presentation, owning the artistic process from start to finish.

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