My connection with The Arts Center began in 2015 with an invitation to put work in ROT: The Afterlife of Trees. This spurred me find just the right Douglas fir round, beautifully carved by carpenter ants on which I then wood burned images. 

I’m still new here, transitioning from Virginia back woods gleaning of bark and natural materials to what Oregon can offer me in the way of found and made objects to help me continue creating.  You can see on my web site my delving into both worlds: the bark, the installations and the beginnings of the mummies and Morphos (morphing from mummies I used to do).  Morphos mean mostly fiber and found object musings of my mind.

I spent my entire adult life in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, building a hand made hippie house and embedding in our Rappahannock County (7000 residents).  Now we live near Sheridan, OR, Yamhill County in a fab passive solar house we built, or rather had built up to the dry wall. Then we put down wood floor and trimmed our 50 plus windows and doors. I went wild in our three bathrooms making the sinks and mosaicing surrounds and shower stalls. My hub did a lovely vine metal railing. Come see it and my work  at the annual Art Harvest Studio Tour, the first two weekends in October

I am finding my way here, and due to my advanced years, am no longer out there gleaning bark — an arduous task during those hot days of summer. Since my whole thing is making something out of nothing, I’m playing with discarded skate boards, making sculpture and jewelry out of them, enlarging my fiber Morphos and seem to be making a lot of wheeled objects recently.  Thinking my next theme, will be side shows of the mind, reflecting the old side shows of traveling circuses.


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