Micheal Burke | For They Are Always Watching

School of Arts and Communication Students

February 6 – March 3, 2018

  • Conversation from the Corrine Woodman Gallery: Wednesday,  Feb 7, 12-1 pm

We are happy to show emerging artists currently working in Corvallis and sturying art at Oregon State University.

In the Corrine Woodman Gallery I – Michael Burke shows his linocut prints of which he says: “My family history has been skewed by fantastical exaggerations and ignorance that I don’t know where the truth begins and the lie ends. So, by using the printmaking medium I control my own history by creating an ideal family history. Incorporating myths and classical stories, mostly from Shakespeare, within an interconnected narrative; thereby I become the author of my own making and not consumed by my families version of history.”

The linocuts are reminiscent of Max Beckman, but only reminiscent in the dark content. Burke has already developed a distinct style, with a brooding complexity. 

In the Corrine Woodman Gallery II – Josie Alberts, Tim Hartsock and Denisia Leon-Mendoza. 

Josie Alberts | Starry Night

Alberts main styles of printmaking include relief, intaglio, and lithography. She shares that, “these specific techniques make it easy to manipulate the way a piece looks. I often create abstract imagery as backgrounds to my floral designs, but also keep some pieces simple with just the use of lines.”

Hartsock’s medium is intriguing: laser cut and burned wood. It is a technique not typically seen in the fine art realm, and it is refreshing to see it applied in a creative manner.

Denisia Leon-Mendoza’s painting Sleep Paralysis, is painted with power and almost violence we don’t associate with “lying awake at night”. Insomnia can be disruptive; the passion of her painting makes that clear.


Denisia Leon-Mendoza | Sleep Paralysis


Tim Hartsock | The New Bazzuuu