Ally MaserOur Land Speaks in Landscape

190 Smith Street (Odd Fellows Hall
Art in Rural Storefronts Project: Harrisburg, OR
September through mid-December 2015


Our Land Speaks in Landscape – Ally Maser

Our landscape holds the story of a working balance between humans and
nature; our surrounding beauty is a collaboration between the land and all that it grows and all the people who tend to it.  We are comforted, challenged, and sustained by this landscape.  What is often described as quaint and picturesque holds the story of hours, years, and generations of land workers who exchanged their energy for the ground’s growth.  The sight of speckled homes within vast fields and crops illustrates our union with this landscape, and projects a sense of peace for all those who pass by our fields.  May this collaboration between us and the land continue to bring beauty and prosperity.

Maser Bio/resume: mazeartgallery

Ally Maser runs MAZE art + frontier, a gallery and studio space in downtown historic Brownsville.  She carries artwork that has strong connections to nature, whether in theme, material, or process.  She also teaches art classes for youth and adults, often using her natural materials for project-based workshops.  She enjoys interacting with others through creative collaboration, and is excited to continue her work in connecting more creatives to rural communities.

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