“I like the idea of my work being seen together” –Andres Salzman

   I.       Spine

Unpierced human // unknown body //
down your dreary and deepest tree //
hanging // trembling spirit //
Are you // coming with me?

   II.       Chest
Cavern flaming // roaring //
winds // red and blazed // breath //
Flee love // fly // spread and torch//
the night.

III.      Heart
Last // imagine // Last // witness
Deny // God // shred truth //
You // the sea // Me //
Imagine // all the things //
we could do // alone.

IV.       Eyes
From the world // careful creature //
from time // I’m falling //
into the ocean // blue sequined Atlas //
I cry // paradise // flawed // call me motion //
stormy bough // baby //no improvemen


All words in this poem come from a reordering of lyrics from songs used to accompany the visual experience of the show. This includes: “Movement” and “Talk” by Hozier, “Idumea” by the Milikin University Choir, “Misty Mountains” by Richard Armitage and The Dwarf Cast from The Hobbit, “The Hanging Tree” by James Newton and Jennifer Lawrence, “Ocean Eyes” by Billie Eilish, and “Stormy Weather” by Louise Armstrong.

A playlist of these songs to accompany your viewing can be found at the following link