Introducing The Arts Center 2020 Writing Intern, Juliette Givhan. Givhan will fulfill a writer’s internship with The Arts Center’s Exhibition program, by writing impressions about our January and February 2020 exhibits. Juliette will respond with two works about the January exhibit Andreas Salzman: Narrative and three more about the Howland Community OPEN 2020 exhibit.

We are very excited to showcase the literary arts, and work with Oregon State University’s School of Writing, Literature and Film | Creative Writing Program on another writing intern project — our third!

Our thanks for support of the Literary Arts Fund of The Art Center’s Endowment Fund.

In Juliette’s own words:

“I have always been fascinated with the intersection of visual art and poetic forms. As someone who identifies as both a poet and visual artist, I want to find out how the two can act together outside of the obvious overlap of writing poems that have images on the pages. When I first moved to Corvallis a year ago, I lived off 9th and Washington, so I would wander to the park almost daily. I would put my headphones on and walk through the Art Center gallery, taking time to see the rotating exhibits. I believe this exploration of visual consumption and written production will help my writing grow as well as I continue my education at Oregon State University.”


But I’m Just a Skeleton in the Grass by Juliette Givhan

But I’m Just a Skeleton in the Grass If I could I’d lay here longer— let skin drink sun after an eternity of months gray as the downpour. I’d consume something fizzy, full of sugar, or Hopps— Let it slip […]

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A View of Rome by Juliette Givhan

A View of Rome What you can’t see is how hard it is to get to Tiber Island, locked as it is between two streets that remind you of America— busy, multi-lane death traps Vespas zoom down, weaving & beeping […]

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A Body of Work by Juliette Givhan

“I like the idea of my work being seen together” –Andres Salzman    I.       Spine Unpierced human // unknown body // down your dreary and deepest tree // hanging // trembling spirit // Are you // coming with me?    […]

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Reverberation Song by Juliette Givhan

Reverberation Song A man talks about family and music, while his pieces on the walls reverberate their silence— push it outwards to embed the sound of wood and clay into the hollow space where a gospel must have once roared […]

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