June 2 – July 8 | Around Oregon Annual

  • Brown Bag Artist Talk | Thursday, June 8, 12 noon – 1 pm
  • Reception |Friday, June 2,  5:30 – 7:30 pm
  • CAW (Corvallis Arts Walk) | Thursday, June 15,  4 – 8 pm

Is there a distinctive “Oregon Style?”

That is what the Around Oregon Annual asks each year, with a different juror answering with his or her selection. Do common themes emerge from the many voices? Who lives and creates in this place? Does this place have an influence? 

This year Terri Sund, Imogen Gallery, Astoria, selected 40 artists to share their artworks with us. She offers these comments:

“Having just completed the selection process for the 2017 Around Oregon Annual, I have to say what a great privilege it was to view such incredible talent from around the state. This is probably the largest jury process I have participated in to date, as well as the most diverse in medium, subject matter and even scale. I was incredibly impressed by the overall quality of submissions that came in, making the task of selecting work a daunting one. 

Although I realize the convenience, I like many jurors/curators am not a big fan of selecting work solely by digital image. There is the added challenge of clearly identifying mastery of one’s chosen medium and even use of color and/or texture which can sometimes be disappointing when viewing in person.  I am also one to believe that presentation counts. It is, in my humble opinion all aspects of a piece be carefully considered by the artist to present a professional and finished look. This can include articulating about one’s work as well, either verbally or in this case via an artist’s statement.  

With nearly 400 pieces to consider and narrowing it down to 25 – 40 pieces with only one work of art from each artist, I went about the selection process by trying to isolate what I felt showed technical skill. It is crucial to me that an artist is confident with their chosen medium, exhibiting a technical proficiency and evidence of control. I also wanted to convey, as a full body of work, imagery and medium that spoke of the great diversity of the state of Oregon. Included are works that speak of place, people and landscape, even medium. There is one piece included, where pigment literally came from the soils of Oregon. 

It was also a goal to include work that displayed a level of sincerity in communicating with the viewer.  As a viewer I look to be engaged by subject matter. The use and choice of medium to convey not just the obvious through beauty of landscape, or narrative qualities of composition, but also providing a hint as to who the maker is. What is important to that individual as the artist, what experiences led them to create the finished piece being presented? 

It is my sincere hope and goal that the 2017 Around Oregon Annual, succeeds in showcasing the incredible talent from around the state, and offers a compelling look at the creative essence of Oregon artists. It was a great honor to participate in this, and I thank all who took the time and effort to submit work, keep creating and expressing through the voice of visual language. “

Teri Sund

List of Artists in the 2017 AOA (Images of the selected artworks >>)

  • Jim Adams, Corvallis:  And They Shall Go Forth
  • Mark Allison, Corvallis: Sage Pine
  • Stephanie Ames, Florence: Winter Wave
  • Evan Baden, Albany: The Baptist
  • Rich Bergeman, Corvallis: Low Tide at Seal Rock
  • Zel Brook, Corvallis: Eight Runners
  • Clint Brown, Corvallis: Staying Together
  • Christina Brown, Portland: Rowena Crest
  • Kathleen Caprario, Springfield, Ridgeline Mirror View
  • Yoonhee Choi, Portland: Untitled # 5
  • Sarah Ciampa, Eugene: Nautilus in a Ziploc Bag
  • Susan Circone, Lake Oswego: Bound and Determined # 10
  • Deb Curtis, Corvallis: Layers
  • Tallmadge Doyle, Eugene: Cascade III
  • Patricia L. Giraud, Tigard: The Abundance of Peonies
  • Jeff Hess, Corvallis: Inside the Lines
  • Herman Krieger, Eugene: Abandoned Waspnest
  • Rebecca Mannheimer, Eugene: Give me Shelter
  • H. Maria, Corvallis: With Twigs
  • Katherine McDowell, Portland: Lake Monotype 288
  • Rachel McLain, Eugene: Dried
  • Therese Misner, Crabtree: The Observer
  • Hanne Niederhausen, Corvallis: Idyllic Figments
  • Kurt Norlin, Albany: Behind the House
  • Janet O’Doherty-Hessel, Shedd: Ona Beach
  • Angela Passalacqua, Portland: Deception Inception
  • Becky Phillips, North Bend: Higgs Boson VII
  • Nancy Pobanz, Eugene: Notating
  • Andy Rommel, Monmouth: Bird Form II
  • Karen Russo, Elmira: For the Roses
  • Andreas Salzman, Creswell: Telegraph
  • Jennifer Salzman, Creswell: The Life Line series # 2
  • Judith Sander, Philomath: Contemplating a Gift
  • Sarah Sedwick, Eugene: Medusa
  • William Shumway, Corvallis: Gratitude
  • Kat Sloma, Corvallis: Inexpressible
  • Beverly Soasey, Eugene: Man with a Vision
  • Nolan Streitberger, Corvallis: Haley at 4 in Chair
  • Roka Walsh, Springfield: Wallflowers
  • Alisha Whitman, Lebanon, Rocky Mountain Majesty

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