Redux: Art @ 50 Exhibit



See an OPB Oregon Art Beat Preview of the show filmed in early December.

November 23 – December 21, 2012

For Redux: Art @ 50, The Arts Center’s exhibition program looks back through 50 years of showing artwork. Our evolving gallery spaces have showcased many exhibitions, bringing a variety of artwork to the community.  We’re not able to pin down exact numbers, but we guesstimate we have had 400-600 exhibits in what was once called our Theater Gallery (now Main Gallery) and our former Guild Gallery (now our Corrine Woodman Galleries I & II). We asked our patrons to lend us artwork that they have purchased from us, as well as contacted a few of the artists who have shown here.

The 50 pieces we will be exhibiting hardly represents ALLThe Arts Center has shown, but we were able to find works from each decade to share. Thanks to patrons who purchased from us early on and who are now lending artwork back. We may see many “old friends” you first saw here — a feast of recognition so to speak. Other artists may not be familiar to you as being part of The Arts Center’s history. We think there will be some surprises. As you look at your own collection, has it also been enriched with works from The Arts Center? We hope so.

The (Corvallis) Arts Center has a tradition of showing all kinds of art media and this exhibit is no exception. We’ll have sculpture, painting, prints, ceramics, collage, elements of installation art and glass. You will see local artists who are no longer with us, and luckily, others who still are. Regional and even national names are part of the exhibit as well.

One should always collect with one’s heart, and most importantly, surround oneself with original art. The Arts Center has worked at helping many achieve that goal for 50 years, and we’re ready for the next 50.

Among the exhibiting artists are:  an unknown artist of batik from India, Spencer Ahrens (then 6 years old, now an adult), C. Lill Ahrens, Tom Allen, Joey Azul,  Lucille Bainbridge, Lanny Bergner, Zel Brook, Sue Fink, Louie Gizyn, Yoshiro Ikeda, Manual Izquerdo, Demetrios Jameson, Susan and Curtis Johnson, Ann Lahr, Laura Mack, Tom Morandi,  Alan Munro, Stev Ominski, Lillian Pitt,  Nancy Pobanz, John Rock, Sidney Rowe,  Judith M. Sander, Erik Sandgren, Nelson Sandgren,  Leroy Setzoil, Robert Schlegel, Emily Steele, Frances Stilwell, Barbara Weber, Corrine Woodman and Mary Wells.

Thanks to our Lenders who have been so kind to loan from their collections, leaving empty walls and spaces at home: C. Lill Ahrens, Tom Allen, Stella Athon, Susan Atkisson,  Jerry Bartholomew, Ruth and Owen Bentley,  Zel Brook, Clint Brown, Ken Chambers, Sue Dornfeld, Cyrel Gable, Linda Humphrey, Susan and Curtis Johnson, Mariana Mace, Joe and Lois Malango, Sally McBride, Pat and Bob Newton, Mary Norman, Curtis Kiefer and Walter Frankel, Maggie O’Shea,  Judith M. Sander, Jane and Bill Siebler, Cy Stadsvold, Emily and Bob Steele, Frances Stillwell,  Wendy Yoder Holub, Barbara and Len Weber, Mary Wells and the estate of Michele Davidson (board member and director in the 1960’s)

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