Mikkel Hilde

The Arts Center Exhibitions:

  • 'Portals,' Winter Show & Silent Auction, 2011
  • 'Where Birds Dream' Show and Silent Auction, Winter 2010

Artist's Statement, 'Compendium' – 'Portals,' Winter Show & Silent Auction, 2011:

Portal: essentially a doorway, a gate, or an entrance. But with some deeper thought, perhaps a point of passage from one place to the next, as the present is the point of passage between the past and the future. Consider then that each and every moment of the present is a portal. The present is a place continuously being passed through. Here we shape the decisions of our lives, at most times unconscious of the process, but at some times at the center of our awareness, deeply provocative and challenging.

This project was an opportunity to play with images; an attempt to create a glimpse of the present as a portal; a place of decision, of the mixing of thoughts and memories. Choices are made or not made, but each alternative always leads to other choices. The present, this portal, is a point of passage and a connection between the past and the future.

montage, 13” x 19”

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